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Sarah dreams of becoming a concept artist in the themed entertainment design industry while traveling the world in a 1960s Volkswagen van!

When she's not drawing, Sarah is probably painting in Walt Disney World, watching old movie musicals, petting dogs, or sitting under a tree, philosophizing life

creative, artist, visual development, illustrator, portfolio

Sarah uses art as a landscape for her highly active imagination to run wild on a creative playground she designs herself!

From a young age, she would create comics and characters in quirky worlds

which ultimately launched her ambition to earn a BFA in Illustration at Montclair State University and is currently pursuing her masters in Themed Experience Design at University of Central Florida

Sarah is currently an Attractions Coordinator at Star Wars: Galaxys Edge where somedays she smuggles Coaxium on the Millenium Falcon.  Other days she recruits new members to join the Resistance, or sometimes likes to be a bad guy and join the First Order on the Star Destroyer 



You can download Sarah's resume PDF here


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