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Welcome one, welcome all! For her final project, Sarah chose to create concept art focused toward theme park design.  In the span of two semesters, with thorough research, she thoughtfully conceptualized a theme and story for a theoretical land that would be built in a theme park.  With this idea in mind, Sarah went on to create props and character designs that coincide with the theme of her land.  While her senior year is coming to an end, Sarah is eager to further pursue her project and add more designs to her land.  So stay tuned and check back in to discover more about this world of Sarah's creation!




Screen Shot 2021-05-17 at 1.33.45 PM.png


The year is 1868, a time of innovation, exploration, and high society.  A time where Victorian Gothic meets Industrial Steampunk.  In a rural town on the outskirts of the big city, resides Edgar P. Curio; a highly intelligent, and eccentric inventor.  Mr Curio is a man married to his work and typically spends his time alone, or with a few of his trusted friends and attendants.  His obsessive involvement in his profession makes him a man of mystery, and a curious figure to the public eye.  Because of his hermit habits, some question if he really exists or is just a mythical legend.   Edgar Curio and his daughter, Victoria are considered ‘oddballs’ to the rest of the town, as they tend to violate the social norm of what is expected.


Mr. Curio is always seeking ways to improve everyday life.  After convincing the town mayor, he can come up with an invention to help improve the productivity of the coal mining business, Curio sets off to the mines to start work on his genius invention.  Alas, in the mysts of his progress, a mass explosion is heard from under the town where the mine tunnels inhabit.  Loud flashes along with giant bursts of thunder and lightning emit from the mine's entrance which creates a massive fire.  Luckily, there was no one in the tunnels… no one except Edgar Curio.  


After countless days of searching, no one could find Mr Curio; all that was found were spilled bottles and remnants of his “failed” invention.  Assuming Curio had gone down with the fire, the town boarded up the mine entrance never to be stepped in again.  The mine became abandoned for over a decade.  And the existence of Edgar P Curio became nothing but a myth.  Rumor has it, he is still living alone in that mine, driving himself to madness.  However most believe he is gone or never really existed in the first place…


...That was until one day.  A flash bursts from the coal mine entrance, the first life to be seen from that mine in nearly 15 years.   It was a flash so massive, it broke apart the boarded up entrance of the coal mine.  This stirred up discussion in the town; where did that flash come from? Who was responsible?  Those who believed Mr Curio was still down there had major speculations that he was responsible for the explosion. Regardless, it was time to unlock the mystery of what's really taken place under the coal mine after 15 years of tall tales and abandonment.   


What could a quirky genius inventor have done in 15 years of complete isolation with nothing but old mining scraps, his notebook, and his curious mind?  Come see for yourself the wonders and mysteries of this newly discovered underground world, Mr Curio has been expecting you!  

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