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Candy Trails: Object was to create a game that moves a group through an interactive, physical environment, designed to convey a narrative.  Game must be engaging and enhance the storytelling, repeatable, and easy to play but difficult to master.  Candy Trails utilizes the theme of 'Hansel and Gretel' but with a twist to create a fun and innovative game!

Theme Park Design

Litha Midsummer Festival: Design a place of worship that tells the story of a specific religion to research. Create a space that facilitates interaction and enforces traditional observation, ritual, and practice of said religion.  I chose to research Ancient Irish Paganism and design a space of worship for their midsummer festival called "Litha"

Upside Down House: scrapped original concept for interactive game design.  Idea was an indoor disc golf-like game themed like a house from the 1950s flipped upside down...I was told this idea was way too unsafe so we went back to the drawing board...

upside down house

Mr Curio's : Prop designs for steampunk victorian theme park concept

Food Truck Redesign: Objective was to interview a food truck and critique its design.  What worked?  What didn't?  From there, explain how you would improve the truck and why

Floor Plan Concept: Original layout for interactive game design show building

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